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One Plane Golfers

Welcome to the One Plane Golfer!

One Plane Golfer was developed to encourage and support those who love golf and desire to learn about the One Plane Swing (OPS). We wish that all golfers have joy and fun when they play this game, and the One Plane Golfer's purpose is to assist you on your road to improvement and restore your passion if you've lost it. 

The One Plane Golfer understands that this beautiful game can aggravate and exhilarate. Arnold Palmer once said…. "Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated: it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented." We agree with Mr. Palmer and are devoted to helping you play the "greatest game ever invented" as well as you are able!

The One Plane Golfer is here to reinforce all amateur golfers whose dream is to be able to play their best golf! We believe that the goal of playing great golf is best accomplished using the One Plane Swing. The OPS is the simplest and quickest way to better ball striking. The OPS can assist you in developing a repeatable swing that leads to consistency. It can help you swing aggressively with control and add distance power to your game! 

This golf method is nothing new, and it has existed since the turn of the century, and many great players have utilized this approach throughout their careers. The One Plane Golfer believes that traditional golf instruction has been too entrenched for many years, with its dedication to the two-plane swing and narrowly focused fundamentals. It is impossible to copy precisely another person's swing. You have to find your own swing, and we feel strongly that you will with the One Plane Swing.

The One Planer Golfer site will provide the basics of the One Plane Swing with pictures and videos of live swings. It includes weekly blogs on the subject, with insights into the OPS specifics and how to apply them to your game. It will also offer suggestions on the short-game, mental aspects, and how to manage your game around the course. The One Plane Golfer's Travel page will discuss some of the best courses from the U.S. and worldwide with reviews of our experiences playing golf on the road.

So, we welcome you to join us in this pursuit….Playing your best golf with the simplicity of swinging on One Plane!

Dr. Chris Nix

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This ebook will help you to learn the simplest way to hit a golf ball...The One Plane Swing. This beautifully illustrated eBook describes the simplicity of playing golf with the One Plane Swing. You will learn the features of the swing and how to adapt it to your game. Details of the One Plane Swing are explained in an easy-to-learn progression, starting from the setup to the backswing and then through impact and follow-through.

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